What Everybody Ought to Know About Cruise Ship Jobs

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When cruising, the time used is often in days or weeks. With that span of time, you are usually on the sea sailing and relaxing. Still, there still is a question left unanswered. What makes the cruising enjoyable? Is it because of the facilities on the vessel, sceneries and countries explored, or the people who work in the ship?

The measure on how much successful a cruise ship is depends on the answer to the question. The main factor is the people who were involved throughout the adventure. Interaction is very vast in a cruise in which everyone (customers, staff, workers alike) talks to everyone. With its interaction, it can actually be named as a community. Generally, cruise ship workers do not do pure work – they even enjoy. This is because they get paid to work while traveling. To give you a little intro to the cruise ship careers, here are brief but detailed discussions about the various fields:

Deck and Engineering Jobs – These people have cruise ship jobs to maintain the vessel in its good form. The ship’s performance is their main responsibility. Oftentimes, employers accept the applicants in this work field who are experienced workers and entry-level applicants hardly get a position in this cruise job. The workers included in this category are engineers, deckhands, maintenance workers and ship officers whose main duty is to keep a good condition on the vessel and to make sure that every aspect of the ship has comply with the law.

Entertainment Jobs – This field has the most demand in all jobs in cruise ships. They are often related to the cruise staff. However, they perform a far different job than of the other staff. The main goal of their job is to entertain passengers. That is their ultimate role. In this field, singers, bands, solo musicians, shore excursion staff, dancers, swimming instructors, golf instructors, hosts, cruise director jobs and staff, disc jockeys are the job positions offered.

Personal Care Jobs – Physical well being is where the spotlight is focused in personal care cruise ship jobs. Basically, their focus is on the management of clinics, salons, gyms and spas on the ship. This is due to the notion that most passengers are aboard for fun and relaxation. Thus, pampering services should not be missed out. The medical staff is a really necessity in order to comply with the law and in order to prevent accidents from worsening such as wounds, bruises and seasickness. Therapists, hairdressers, doctors and nurses fit in here.

Service Jobs – In this batch of cruise ship job opportunities, bartenders, waiters, cashiers, cooks, chefs, ticketing officers and account treasurers are hired here. Simply, ship’s amenities are managed here such as food services, accommodation; ticketing, finances and novelty stores are involved here.

Office Jobs – This field is often based on the land on the liner’s main branches. Managing of accounts, ticket booking, accountancy, and office functions are done here. Clerical workers, administrative assistants, marketing staff, and booking agents are the workers here.

These fields are the five common cruise ship jobs. Nevertheless, some cruise liners have different categories.

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